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About the project

This project is not released yet. Therefore any indications of the brand behind it have been removed. It has been created by a team of ~25 people. We have worked with an agile setup with Jira and 2-week sprints.

The goal was to create an easy to use Smart Home app for Android and iOS, which works with any device from most of the big brands offering Smart Home products. When the project started, any of these brands had their own apps, not allowing third-party devices to be controlled.

Also, most of the existing Smart Home apps just enable the user to control specific devices or groups of devices by app or voice. Our app has the goal to identify repeating habits of users, give recommendations for automations and solve the users‘ needs by suggesting pre-defined setups.

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My role

• UI & UX design

• Design management / Design lead

• Motion design

• Defining app guidelines

• Creating a design system based on atomic design

• Quality assurance

• Preparing user tests


You can easily switch your whole home on/off when you enter or leave your home. Below the manual activation is shown. You would also be able to automate this via geolocation.

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The smart home devices can be controlled in 3 different ways: By voice command via the gateway, by automation or directly with the app. If you would have set up the coming home mode with geolocation and added a thermostat, you would have the option to preheat your home while you are on your way there.

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Device installation

It is possible to install a wide variety of devices from different manufacturers. This allows the user to set up logic between different devices, which would not be possible with most other smart home providers. The logics, also called scenes, are shown in the next section.

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Scenes are logics between different devices. For example, a device status can result in a notification to the user or an adjustment of the status of another device.

It is possible to create your own scenes or download them from a wide range of predefined scenes.

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